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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Apr 19, 2021

Today is a HUGE day! While our launch date and official 1 year anniversary is May 4th we have literally delivered a year’s worth of value and impact and I AM SO EXCITED!!  Oh, the places we have gone and I am incredibly grateful to all of you who have subscribed,  listen in weekly, share with the people in your life, and all of the amazing guests we have had all along the way.  I am truly grateful and still a bit in awe that this is where we are. Today we have a very special episode and guest here that I am super excited about. And she was one of our first guests actually.  I thought it would be fun for all of you entrepreneurs, and leaders, and people who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur to hear from her since she is a year into her business now, and that’s also during a world pandemic!


Today we are going to be talking about what it means to GO ALL IN, whether it is in your business or any professional goal and you can also apply it to your personal goals. Fun fact!  It requires extreme commitment.  Our guest today Gia Hellwig has done that and so much more and is here to share her adventure and illuminate the value of being ALL IN in your business and life.


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To connect with Gia Hellwig please visit her at & 

Instagram @partypackagetogo and @giahellwigevents

Facebook @  Gia Hellwig Events

As heard on this episode:

Claudia Horton

Instagram: @magicalmoonwicks 

Facebook:  Magical Moon Wicks

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Here are the highlights from this episode:{6:15} Introduction to Gia

{8:57} One year into the party package business - how's it going?

{10:21} Gia's biggest takeaways from her first year in this business

{13:06} The most memorable party packages Gia has created

{19:21} How Gia collaborates with other female-owned businesses

{20:15} Why this is important to Gia

{21:18} the Mother's Day collaboration for 2021

{27:50} What Gia would love to say to herself when she was starting her business

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