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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Sep 27, 2021

Do you remember 2020 and feeling like being on a teeter totter of being motivated to move vs what was happening during the height of Covid-19? As the world began to re-open bit by bit, it was like coming out of some sort of hibernation in some ways. The constant posts from “this is the time to do more, be more, create more” to “don’t buy into the you need to be more” posts were enough to make one dizzy. Which way do we go? 

I think we often find ourselves in the “which way do I go” mode. There is meaning we will all make up for ourselves or have made up for ourselves all the time, and we all at some level reinvent, contribute, and move forward. Bottom line, wherever you are in the matter is wherever you are supposed to be. Trust that and trust yourself. 

During this episode we will explore creating yourself vs. finding yourself.  It’s about choice and action all along the way. 


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{5:21} Life is about creating yourself

{8:59} Become the person you want to be

{11:59} We all have the power of choice

{16:25} Don't blend in

{19:44} Put yourself in an empowered mindset

Watch this space for a NEW exciting program coming very soon!  Here’s a hint. Are you a woman in business? Been thinking about taking a leap? Ready to make bold and massive moves? Love collaborating with highly committed and motivated women?  This is 100% for you then and I can’t wait to tell you more, stay tuned!

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