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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Aug 23, 2021

In today’s episode we are going to continue talking about playing a bigger game from a place of abundance and authenticity as a leader and the impact that has on you and your relationships, teams, dreams, and aspirations.

Today we have an amazing guest here who I am so excited to share with you all who I have had the extreme honor to witness her stepping into her authentic leadership and creating abundance in her life and also the lives of others. She is a recent graduate of LIFt the Leadership Impact Forum training where she is truly committed to creating breakthroughs, contributions, and results that she wants in her life, and big steps towards her aspirations.

She is a leader, has a huge heart, is brilliant and we are talking about what it means to take the lead in your life.  I am thrilled to have Rebekah Grmela on the podcast today. 

Rebekah Grmela (she/her) is the founder of Right + Good Consulting, an agency focused on strategic communications for the ethical organization.

Rebekah is a communications activist supporting justice, equity and sustainability through access to excellent public participation strategies for womxn, queer and/or BIPOC founders and nonprofits.

Want to create more of an impact in your life? LIFt registration has opened up again, let’s take the lead together!


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{3:11} Leaders inspire and motivate

{6:59} Leadership is a personality, not a profession

{11:05} Vulnerability is a strength

{14:04} Mutual respect goes a long way in building a solid relationship

{17:32} You got to get out of the comfort zone

{20:58} LIFt is like taking your vitamins


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