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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Aug 9, 2021

Remember last week on Episode 67 when we talked about setting goals, being unreasonable, getting uncomfortable, and creating meaning, joy, and fulfillment in life? Yea that was a good one!

Today we will continue with the theme through a story that was life changing and one that reminds me to keep growing, stretching, and living the life I want while being a contribution to others.  It was a time when I stretched way out of my comfort zone and when I woke up that morning had no idea it was coming.  Life is funny like that, take the opportunities, and when a perfectly good plane appears in your life, JUMP!


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:04} Remember when I jumped out of a plane?

{3:07} When a perfectly good plane appears, go ahead and jump

{6:09} The illusion of control

{8:41} Being stretched beyond your comfort zone

{10:34} Like a kid in a candy shop

{12:13} I could just quit now and go back to banking

{15:03} A defining moment in my life

{17:37} Fighting self-limiting beliefs

{20:01} Never heard more silence in my life

{23:41} I did it

{26:48} My mindset shifted

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