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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Aug 2, 2021

On today’s episode we are going to be talking about what it means to play a bigger game in life from a place of abundance and authenticity as a leader, and the impact that has on you and your relationships, teams, dreams, and aspirations through looking at goals beyond the SMART formula. Ready to take your life to the next level? You will want to tune in and take lots of notes.


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:01} Meaningful life starts with an important step

{5:11} Setting goals helps us through tough days

{7:22} Get a mentor who asks the tough questions

{10:34} Resistance is the first stage of change

{12:34} Keep smiling when people laugh at you

{15:35} Don't give up on dreams because they take a lot of effort

{17:48} Don't let the 'how brain' kick in

{20:12} A and B goals are realistic and important...

{21:27} ...but C goals are the ones to chase!

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