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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Jul 12, 2021

In today’s episode we are going to be talking about servant leadership from a place of abundance and authenticity as a leader. Today we have two amazing guests here who I am so excited to share with you all and they truly come from a place of abundance, authenticity, and always creating an impact in the world. Both of these amazing women are recent graduates of LIFt and one of the principles we dive into in LIFt is the power and gift of servant leadership.  These two women chose to be accountability partners and really dove into servant leadership in a big way.  You will also hear about their contribution in service to Conservation Ambassadors' Wild Things. I am thrilled to have them here today, they are going to share about their project, what they learned and are learning as servant leaders and so much more. So let me introduce you to both Gia Hellwig and Joclynn July are also returning guests, a true testament to the power of continued growth and always taking on their next level personally and professionally.


Gia Hellwig is the owner and creator of Gia Hellwig Events. She creates moments in time for people to forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life. Party Package to Go is the crafty, creative side of Gia Hellwig Events. Gia grew up in Monterey County and graduated from UC Davis with her bachelor’s degree. She grew up dancing, playing musical instruments and generally getting dirty outside learning life skills like post hole digging and building retaining walls. Inside, she learned how to cook and read many books. Gia loves creating and building! She lives in Woodland with her honey in their beautiful home enjoying their succulents and our garden.

Joclynn July is the owner of the newly established Leo Rising Travels where she aims to provide uniquely life altering experiences globally and will be launching in South Africa. Her purpose is to share her love and appreciation of animals and mother nature. Joclynn’s purpose has driven her to make a difference, empower stewardship and share her knowledge and love of animals with the world. Her passion for the natural world also permeates through her doTerra Essential oils business. In wanting to make a difference and take a stand with others, Joclynn is training to become a coach. Overall, her passion for growth and change inspires her to make a difference in her life and the lives of others both for human-kind as well as the natural world.


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:04} Introduction & LIFt

{7:01} Doing what you love

{9:55} Just start somewhere

{12:32} Wild Things

{16:25} Stepping beyond the comfort zone

{20:13} Planning for California fires

{22:39} Creating an appreciation for the natural world


{30:26} The benefits of LIFt

Check out Wild Things!


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