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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Jul 5, 2021

In today’s episode, we are going to be talking about what it means to play a bigger game in life from a place of abundance and authenticity as a leader and the impact that has on you and your dreams, and aspirations. 

We have an amazing guest here who I am so excited to share with you as she truly comes from a place of abundance, authenticity, and always creating an impact in the world. She is a recent graduate of LIFt the leadership impact forum training where she committed to and continues to be in bold action towards realizing her dreams and contributions in the world.  She is an impact maker, an amazing Coach, one of our fantastic coaches on the Fall LIFt 2021 Team, and I am thrilled to have her on the podcast today.  


Shirley Patterson established Charis Coaching and Consulting with a mission to empower individuals and organizations to reach their goals. Her purpose is “to ignite a spirit of hope and purpose in people in a way that supports and encourages them to embrace and achieve “what’s possible!” 

After retiring from a successful career in the Aerospace and Defense Sector with The Raytheon Company, Shirley became a Certified Performance and Leadership Coach through the Source Point Training Institute, an ICF affiliate. Her years of mentoring and coaching employees and small business owners coupled with her expertise in training, strategic planning, policy and proposal development, and conference and retreat planning, uniquely prepared her for her role as Coach and Consultant.

Shirley is passionate about being in service and actively supports child education, economic development, and women’s empowerment initiatives worldwide. Her missions’ travels have included nations in Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.


Shirley holds a Master of Science degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of San Diego and a Master of Arts in Behavioral Science with a Concentration in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution from California State Dominguez Hills.


To connect with Shirley please visit her at

Instagram @chariscoachshirley

Facebook @Charis Coaching and Consulting


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{5:02} How and why Shirley became a coach

{7:43} How LIFt helped Shirley personally and professionally

{13:26} Shirley's coaching business

{15:14} Shirley's favorite thing about being a coach

{19:28} Having a growth mindset

{21:29} What's next for Shirley

Want to expand your contribution in your life? LIFt registration has opened up again, let’s take the lead together!


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