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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Jun 7, 2021

On this episode we're going to revisit lessons from one of America's favorite pastimes - baseball.

It's a game that really requires repetitive building of skills to be successful. Thousands of ground balls, hours in the batting cage, and throwing until your arm is legitimately rubber. And you know what leadership is exactly the same!

Great leaders are not born.; they emerge through the application of principles and skills on a consistent basis. Leaders must constantly practice and hone their skillset in coaching, listening, planning from their purpose and vision and enrolling allies or a team, and then empowering them to take the lead and create results. 


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:00} Reminiscing about the Dodgers

{5:25} Baseball and leadership are games of collective results

{10:48} Confusion is just a lack of focus

{13:25} What's your bigger game?

{15:20} LIFt yourself up

{19:49} What do you want for yourself?


Want to expand your contribution in your life? LIFt registration has opened up again, 

let’s take the lead together!

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