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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

May 3, 2021

How many “dieters” do we have out there? How many of you get frustrated with diets that aren’t working for you?  How many would love to have a lifestyle that supports their optimal health? My guess is there are a lot of you out there and today’s episode is for you.  I am so excited to bring on Kara Trochta, Registered Dietician, Eating Coach and Food Therapist.


As a former binge eater and self-proclaimed emotional eater who spent years calculating calories and painfully tried to eat perfectly to achieve the societal standard of health only to fail time and time again; her own frustration and confusion led her to start a practice to end people's struggle between their food choices, their weight and their feelings of worth. Kara’s goal is to help people end the stressful and guilt-laden eating chaos, and realize they can have a healthy relationship with food, eat the foods they enjoy, and not only be healthy, but happier than they've ever been. She is a wife, mom of 3 kiddos who loves feeling good in her own skin. Kara enjoys personal development and being a student of her own mind and body. She loves being outdoors, cooking, reading, barre & yoga class.


Wow! Talk about a sweet reframe “a student of her own mind and body” – how many of you are so intrigued now whether you are a dieter or not?  I know I am so let’s get into this conversation.

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Here are the highlights from this episode:


{1:49} One year anniversary competition time!

{6:19} Kara's story

{12:13} The problem with BMI

{16:02} Our bodies aren't very evolved

{23:18} Intuitive eating

{26:26} Making peace with food

{29:15} The whole well-being package

{34:04} Kara's free masterclass

{40:04} Kara's message to her younger self

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