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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Mar 29, 2021

How did your first quarter go?  Are you still chewing on something you have been wanting to do?  I get it!! I remember when I started this podcast I had been thinking about it for quite some time and mainly was stuck in the HOW of it.  We can really stay stuck in “how” can’t we?  I am so grateful to have been introduced to the fabulous Lynsay Anne Gould who is my podcast coach and producer because we are closing in on 52 episodes (this one is 49) and that means we have been at it for a year, and oh my gosh the places we have gone and the impact it has created! So guess what?  I am so excited because I know there are so many of you thinking hmmmm, can I host a podcast?  If you want to I know you can, and in fact you can start whatever it is you want, and today I get to introduce all of you to the fabulous Lynsay Anne Gould and we are going to be talking about why now is indeed a great time.  And maybe you have a different goal, you can still apply what we are talking about to that.   Lynsay and her team are what makes this dream a reality and I am beyond thrilled to have her here with us today. You want to listen to this very special and inspiring episode.


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Here are the highlights from this episode:

{5:56} How Lynsay decided to leave her corporate job 

{10:07} Being led by curiosity

{11:54} How only 21% of top podcasts are run by women

{13:26} How podcasting is a great way to amplify your voice and the voices of others

{16:29} The differences in the questions Lynsay is asked about podcasting from men and women

{19:24} Why now is a great time to start a podcast

{22:18} All about Clubhouse

{28:55} How Lynsay can help you start your podcast

{36:27} Showing up and being the best possible you today.

To connect with Coach Kelly and for more resources please visit  follow on Instagram @coach_kellymobeck. You can also email us at  let us know any questions you in life you have, and what you would love to hear more about, we are happy to help and will take these on in future episodes.