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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Mar 22, 2021

Happy Monday.  I would love to take a pause for a moment and check in with all of you, how are you doing?  Take a second and take a deep breath in with the question “how am I?” and exhale with “I am present”, let’s do that again. Breathe in “how am I” and exhale “I am present”.  Yes, you are. Today I am so grateful you are here with me because we have a fantastic guest who is bringing it to the podcast as we discuss “The Presumption of Grace” and how to stop unwittingly contributing to the “bad” or as I call it “non-working” behavior of others. My guest is passionate about this topic and I was thrilled he wanted to bring it to all of you.  


Scott Woodhill, is the founder and President of Woodhill Solutions, a company dedicated to “upgrading” workforces through services including training and coaching. The mission of all services is to improve levels of self-awareness, empathy, and communication in people so that they are happier in their personal lives and therefore more engaged and productive in their work lives. He is passionate about the “Presumption of Grace” topic and is bringing so much wisdom to the mic today that I know you will enjoy.


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To connect with Scott Woodhill please visit him at:



As heard on the episode check out the Woodhill Solutions March Promotion (please note Scott has generously offered to extend his March promotion through 4/15/21 for you. Let him know you heard him on the podcast.  

Check it out here: 



Here are the highlights from this episode:

{4:18} What drives Scott to do the work he does

{6:00} What is the presumption of grace?

{10:04} How to apply the presumption of grace to a work environment.

{13:05} Presuming grace as a mindset

{15:46} the importance of breathwork

{17:49} Where in society the presumption of grace is important

{23:03} How we don't have to agree but we can be curious

{23:50} What Scott would tell his younger self

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