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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Mar 15, 2021

Today is a great day for all of you Corporate Moms who struggle with burnout, Mom guilt, and taking time for you.  Coach Aimee Greczmiel and I had a great conversation on putting you back on your priority list, letting go of Mom guilt and so much more. I have been hearing so much about “burnout” and it is something that is preventable and it’s up to YOU to take back your life and design it.  I know that can seem challenging; I get it.  As a former Corp Mom who had littles, a giant commute with a ton of responsibility at work and home, plus going back to school to certify as a coach and trainer back in the late 90s early 2000’s I still remember it well.  I remember struggling to find the balance (and you all know I don’t believe in balance, shout out to harmony), and something had to give.  Well, often it was ME who was not giving to me.  Talk about burnout on steroids.  I look back and wish we had someone who was talking about support for Corporate Moms at the time.  Sure, we had brown bag lunches (did I just date myself) that was “talking” about work/life balance and dealing with stress, and that was great but there was no follow-up or support.  Enter in coaches, let’s all take a deep breath in of support and focusing in on you. You are worth it.


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Here are the highlights from this episode:

{5:17} Introduction to Aimee

{6:15} How Aimee started out life coaching working mothers

{8:09} Real-life wins of working mothers

{11:53} How guilt can be a way that we avoid or cope

{12:17} Tools for helping mothers cope with guilt

{14:41} The importance of self-care for busy working mothers

{18:51} How to get the free resource from Aimee to help you as a busy working mother

{19:33} The importance of reconnecting with ourselves


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