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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Mar 1, 2021

It is March 1st and today it’s my birthday, I am so jazzed I get to spend it with you.  Another trip around the sun and oh the places we have not gone.  Ok well out and about anyway because you know a pandemic but, the places we have stretched this year well it’s been amazing.  This time last year this podcast was in motion to be unleashed for one and it really has made this year incredible.


Something that I love to do once a year is visit the “Story of Me” reflect on the things that shaped me and take a look at the year ahead and write the next chapter. You have heard me say this many times, God has a plan for us, and I believe that to my core, and trust it.  I also trust my intuition; you know that little voice that guides you (if you are willing to hear it). Often times when I am working with clients, I will get asked “what do you think I should do”, and you can be sure I am going to come back and ask what does your “gut” say?  See we know the next step and we often cloud it with listening to our imposter who loves to doubt, or we go to confusion instead of focusing on the behaviors and habits one day at a time that will move us forward. Today we are going to explore five key things that will help you write your story.


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Here are the highlights from this episode:

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:52} What the story of you is

{2:48} Listening to your intuition

{3:46} How to visit your story of you

{5:15} The story of me

{9:24} 5 things to focus on when designing the next year

{14:55} What's coming up in March

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