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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Feb 15, 2021

Staying with the theme of what it takes to “Play A Bigger Game” in life personally and professionally and investing in yourself we are going to talk about next level investing. 

When you are up to creating anything in your life the importance of having a mentor, accountability partner, and a coach is a game changer.  To have someone completely committed to YOU and the things you want in your life, someone, who will help you move forward, stay the course, and partner with you to accomplish the things you desire well, is incredibly valuable.

So today we are going to talk about Coaching, what is it, why now, and all the things.

On today’s episode, we have a wonderful guest, she’s back, she’s my accountability partner, colleague, and friend, and we are going to continue the conversation about investing in yourself.

Cami McLaren coaches executives and other professionals to reach their personal next level.  She facilitates training on a variety of soft skills and is the head trainer for the Transformative Coaching Essentials coach training program.  Bringing her background as a lawyer, a lifelong entrepreneur, and her innate sense of humor, she is an engaging presenter and facilitator.

The McLaren Coaching objective is to assist professionals in achieving excellence and growth in their businesses and lives. We work with individuals and organizations to improve communication, time management, productivity and ultimately bring greater results.

We also provide a coach training program designed to produce first rate Professional Coaches. Our coaches go on to have their own coaching practices or to use the coaching skills in their organizations, often in management roles as "Coach-Style Leaders."


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{4:54} Who seeks out coaching?

{7:14} Coaching can be transformative

{9:18} How Cami started her own coach training

{11:53} Why coaching so important right now

{15:51} Why Cami got into coaching

{19:16} How being a coach can change you as a person

{21:07} Who people hire coaches

{23:57} How to choose the right coach

{26:59} The difference between coaching and therapy

{31:48} Do something that scares you every day.


Here’s how you can connect with Cami McLaren:



social media: LinkedIn @McLaren Coaching

FB @ McLaren Coaching

IG @ McLaren_Coaching

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