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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Jan 25, 2021

WOW!  This is the end of Season 1 of “Let’s Be Honest Before We Start Pretending” and this is Episode 40.  It seems like just yesterday we were on the skinny limb, feeling way out of our comfort zone and launching.  That was May 4, 2020 and oh the places we have gone. It’s been an amazing season and today we thought it would be fun to re-run Episode 18 “People Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend” in honor of being a finalist on the Podcasting for Business Awards 2021 in Best Entrepreneur and Listener’s Choice categories. 


Speaking of, I would love to invite you to be my guest at the awards show on Tuesday January 26, 2021 at 11:00 a.m., PST (they will be broadcast live from the UK so it’s 7:00 p.m. across the pond from here) It’s free to attend and you can grab your seat right here at also check out all the AWESOME finalists, fantastic podcasts you can add to your library.


We break down the importance of having an Accountability Partner in today’s episode.  If you want your 2021 goals and outcomes to happen get a Coach and get an Accountability Partner to level up. In this re-run of Episode 018 I promise you will hear something new than before, and make sure you grab the PDF on creating Extraordinary Accountability Partnerships on my website


Also, a final reminder that LIFt begins this Friday and it’s not too late to sign up, do it today and let’s take the lead together!

Here are the highlights from this episode:


{7:35} Accountability is not about blame

{11:57} Cammie's story

{20:09} Accountability Pillar 1: The Truth Teller

{26:10} Accountability Pillar 2: Get clear on purposes and outcomes

{29:05} Accountability Pillar 3: Creating permission

{33:33} Accountability Pillar 4: Teach each other what you want

{38:37} It's important to tell on yourself

{41:40} How do you want to be called out and celebrated?

To connect with Coach Kelly and for more resources please visit  follow on Instagram @coach_kellymobeck. You can also email us at  Let us know any questions in life you have, and what you would love to hear more about, we are happy to help and will take these on in future episodes.