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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Oct 19, 2020

Let’s dive deeper in choosing to take the lead and take action on what you are passionate about.  Passion is that thing that makes you feel alive, brings you joy, and when coming from passion and purpose compels you to move forward.  Passion is the thing that will allow you to get creative, stay out of the pity party when the curve balls come in, and passion will drive you to pivot and find another way.  


We will move through a story of passion, pivot, and purpose, when life throws you a big curveball.  Sometimes those curveballs will have you dancing at the Pity Party, and we really can only stay there for so long.  What can we learn about ourselves through those curveballs, now that’s an interesting question.


Our guests today are two passionate gals, who love to dance, have fun, and create joy.  You are going to love hearing their story, and something tells me you will want to crank the music up and get your booty shaking.


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Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:49} The role of passion in our life

{3:42} Introduction to Andrea Valero and Felicity Morales

{11:38} Why they started to teach line dancing

{19:10} The idea of teaching online

{28:32} The three things that we need to be happy

{38:18} Take the shot and do what you love

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Let us know any questions in life you have, and what you would love to hear more about, we are happy to help and will take these on in future episodes.