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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Aug 24, 2020

Since the beginning of this podcast we have been talking about choice. Bottom line, we all make choices every single day. Being in ownership of our life and what we have created and what we want to create going forward is all about choice. 


Today we are going to explore accountability and why it’s important to have an accountability partner. I am so excited to introduce you to my accountability partner, Cami McLaren, and we trust you are going to be empowered to create accountability partnerships going forward. We believe it is a catalyst in taking the lead in your life. Let’s go!


To connect with Cami McLaren please visit her at


Here are the highlights from this episode:


{5:06} Your accountability partner is your best friend

{15:00} The pillars of an accountability partnership

{25:07) Creating permission

{33:22} Pulling the wool over your eyes

{37:40} How do you want to be celebrated?


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Let us know any questions in life you have and what you would love to hear more about, we are happy to help and will take these on in future episodes.