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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Aug 10, 2020

What two things are required to take a leap of faith? Focus and tenacity. Think of focus as the car engine and tenacity as the caboose on the “E” train. What’s the E train? It’s Energy, Effort and Engage, and represents every car from the engine to the caboose.


The engine is focused and sees a track and keeps heading forward, while the caboose has the tenacity to keep going no matter what and sticks with it no matter what. It’s job is to remind the rest of the cars that “WE CAN DO THIS” over and over and over again. Tenacity pushes the other cars called Energy, Effort and Engage, every single day until the destination is reached.

Today’s guest, Dr. Kristin I. Meyer, exudes tenacity and you will be inspired throughout her story. She comes from a family that believes in taking leaps of faith and leans into tenacity consistently. We will hear how tenacity has served her tremendously through all of her leaps of faith.

Her sage advice will leave entrepreneurs, leaders and self-improvement seekers inspired and empowered to continue to lead from passion and purpose and to stick with it!

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Here are the highlights from this episode:


{6:19} Introducing Kristin I. Meyer, Ph.D.
{10:48} The importance of people that support you in your life
{13:55} The importance of tenacity
{19:45} Pivoting your business
{24:59} Choose positivity


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