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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Jul 13, 2020

You have heard me say before that leaders don’t wait, they create. We have the opportunity every single day to get out in the world and create whatever we want in our lives both personally and professionally.  

You first have to believe you can, that is the first step and then second you must ask yourself, will I?  Will I really?  

As a little girl my Dad was one of my heroes, he was 100% self-made, and he lived every day to the fullest, he taught me, you can, the question is will you.  He instilled in me and my brothers that “age is just a number”, and you are only as old as you decide to feel”, and I have believed that every day since then.  

Today we get to hear from someone who for me is 100% the very example of what my Dad told me, she amazes me in what she has created in her life and continues to each and every day. Not only her story, also what she does to make a difference in people’s lives will illuminate that leaders don’t wait, they create, and age is never a barrier.  

I am so excited for you to meet Joan Virginia Allen, who is an author, a personal trainer, a coach, and so much more.  You will walk away wanting to climb and swing from trees, and we encourage it, have some fun!


For more information about Coach Joan Virginia Allen go to connect with her via email at

Here are the highlights from this episode:


{5:29} The importance of choosing the right mindset

{7:02} What is a self enhancing belief

{7:56} Introducing Joan Virginia Allen

{11:27} It’s always the right time to reinvent yourself

{16:54} How Joan reinvents herself during COVID

{21:48} How to keep yourself always positive


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