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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Jun 15, 2020

I’ve had some requests to dive a little deeper into the principle “Confidence Before Competence” and choosing that as an attitude that supports us taking the lead in your life.

In today’s episode we will dive deeper and create some more distinctions for you to utilize.  Entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, and self-improvement seekers, this episode is going to be so much fun because we have a very special guest, Gia Hellwig of Gia Hellwig Events and Party Package To Go.  She is a female entrepreneur who found herself repurposing her business in the time of Covid to create a product she had been thinking about for a little while. 

You will hear how she leaned into “Confidence Before Competence” as well as a few other leadership principles to launch Party Package To Go.  Not only will you love hearing from Gia, you will hear some specific strategies that she used along the way. 

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For more information about Gia Hellwig Events go to and for Grad Packs, Birthday Celebrations, Baby Showers and beyond for to

You can also connect with her Instagram @giahellwigevents and @partypackagetogo


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:20} Confidence before competence

{6:02} Introducing Gia Hellwig

{8:23} Repurposing in the time of COVID

{16:41} How confidence can support you through difficult circumstances

{20:41} How to stay positive in difficult circumstances

{25:15} A little bit of action every day


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