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Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending

Aug 22, 2022

Episode 122 Begin with YOU

Something I’ve been exploring a lot of is this mysterious thing called “self-care”.  We hear about it all the time and yet what does it really mean?  It’s different for everyone and certainly is a vehicle to being the best version of you and yet start to have a conversation about it and you might be met with some eye rolls. Why is that?  For many, self-care isn’t something that is seen as a way to take good care of you to begin with, it’s often taken on as a reaction to being overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out.  There is nothing left so now let me take care of myself.  That’s a reaction and often not sustainable.  Today we are going to explore how our comfort zone plays into keeping us from really embracing “self-care” as a way to stay out of it being a need and have it be more of a requirement because you deserve it.  

Here are the highlights:

(01:39) Self care - why do we care?

(10:10) Self-limiting beliefs and your comfort zones

(18:56) Take breaks and be in ownership


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